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University Campus Feeder Network System

University Campus Feeder Network System

2020-10-11 Reference

As the universities in China tend to have a large campus area, they are equipped with a wide range of electricity facilities, such as laboratory equipment, classroom and dormitory lights, air-conditioning, building elevators, etc. In the event of a power outage, it would generate large-scale impacts. If the teachers and school staff have forgotten to turn off certain power equipment, the power consumption and electricity costs would also be considerably high. More seriously, it may even affect the personal safety of teachers and students. Hence, the power management of university campuses is extremely important.

To ensure the stability of the entire power system of university campuses and able to discover the abnormality and eliminate the situation immediately, a certain university located at the coastal area has established an automated monitoring system for the feeder, and adopted the ISON’s Layer 2 network management Ethernet switches RG500 and DG500 series as the backbone of network of monitoring system. It has also employed ISON’s “Industrial Network Design Services” to serve as ISON I.A. Ring and I.A. Chain network redundant topology designed for the school power monitoring system. This is to ensure that if a certain section of the entire monitoring system fails, the entire network system can still transmit information effectively through ISON Ethernet switches.

Shown below is an illustration of the entire network architecture

From the network architecture diagram, we can see the I.A. Ring and I.A. Chain redundant topology reached by Layer 2 network management functions of ISON DG500 series. Besides capable of scattering many sub I.A. Chains to achieve risk sharing effect, it can also accomplish load balancing function through the Central Block setting. If the network bandwidth is insufficient or there is an expansion of equipment in the future, new network can be achieved easily through connecting with the existing network system without causing any interference or interruption (seamless integration). As compared with other redundant functions of other brands on the market, ISON’s latest generation of I.A. Ring/Chain functions are more advanced and suitable to plan complex network system with large data.

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