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IS-RH709 is the most compact size layer 2 ethernet switch!

IS-RH709 is the most compact size layer 2 ethernet switch!

2023-09-12 New Product
The most compact size ISON RH709 series layer 2 ethernet switches not only manage your network but also manage your cost!

The slimmest compact size makes IS-RH709 most space-saving managed industrial ethernet switches in all applications like factory automation, building automation, traffic control system and CCTV system. ISON’s product development competence enables RH709 series with low power consumption while supporting 2 redundant AC power inputs. 

Flexibility for future expansion also allows users to install RH709 with different ways under different budget. By using our expansion kit, users can install single unit of RH709 to multiple units on the rack easily. Below shows 2 examples.

RH709 series is slim, light and also strong! RH709’s fast ethernet ports support 2KV surge protection. It can effectively reduce the maintenance cost and enhance your system stability. RH709 also support various redundancy protocol (STP, RSTP) and Loop protection to protect your network operation. Nevertheless, easy and friendly software interface design can even further save your engineers’ working hours. How can you not love ISON RH709 series!

Application examples:

More product information: https://www.ison-tech.com/index.php/product/detail?id=160&n=IS_RH709_Series

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