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ISON full Gigabit Managed Switch- A Seamless Industrial network solution integrating IT network and IA network

ISON Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch provides the most comprehensive Ethernet switch software so that the network engineers will not have trouble locating User Privilege, Network Security, and VLAN, etc.

Generally speaking, in an industrial environment, it requires the NMS or HMI/SCADA to manage the network redundancy, device backup, and system uninterrupted. In the course of such integration, ISON Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch not only facilitates the automation engineers operating on site to understand the operation status of the switch, but also helps the network manager or system engineers to monitor the efficacy, failure rate, and other information of the whole system in a long term so that they can maintain the system, prevent troubleshooting problems in advance.

Core switches of information center levels are usually equipped with more than 50 network management functions. The general industrial network management switches available on the market are only equipped with very basic management functions, causing difficulties for the integration between the core switch systems of IT and IA. ISON Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch is equipped with software sufficient to integrate with IA. such as ACL, QCL, VCL, MSTP, User Administration Management, etc. as well as IT engineers’ favorite functions, I.A. Ring, I.A. Chain, Replay Output, DHCP server, Cable tester, Loop protection, etc. In comparison with other brands in the market, ISON is more advanced and able to seamlessly integrate IT and IA.

Below is a table of the comparison.


IT Core switch

ISON Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

Industrial switches of other brands

Number of Software Functions




Telecommunication Level Software Functions




Network Security Management




Industrial Hardware Specifications




Cisco-Like CLI




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