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Quality Policy

ISON implements a comprehensive process on design management using a NPD (New Product development) program. The program achieves our goals of cost competitiveness, designed-in quality, short cycle time and on-time delivery throughout the product design stage and risk reduction as the product is be produced.

Under the program a dedicated project teams are formed when the product/project is approved for kick-off. The team is led by a project manager who serves as the central point of contact with the customer and makes sure the design process follows the plan, cost, time/schedules and quality.

ISON's NPD process involves three phases:

  • EV (Engineering Verification)
  • DV (Design Verification)
  • MV (Manufacturing Verification)

We define the requirements and set the control gates with criteria for each phase. Only projects with proven and acceptable quality and data are allowed to move ahead to next design phase. During the MV phase the product/project will migrate to NPI (New Product Introduction to mass production) process in which all activities are devoted to ensure the product is ready for mass production.

ISON employees DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) methodology ensures products are designed to our standards of rugged and robust levels. The DFX ( Design for various perspectives ) concepts are also utilized throughout the program to address the potential issues in all aspects which are relevant to manufacturing ensuring we stay in line with material cost and lower risk in production, readiness of production & test, green & safe environment, after-service effectiveness.

The design shall follow the defined Design Rules and be reviewed through check lists to avoid any design characteristics being missed that could result in faults. Engineering samples will be made and tested through a series of test procedures - conditions and criteria according to the designated test plan to justify the design quality. The quality and associated designed data and documentation generated in each phase will be reviewed and controlled as mandated evidence to pass through the gate control for each phase.

The design flaws and bugs which are found during the process will be identified, traced and corrected before going into mass production.

ISON is committed to deliver products that help our customer be competitive and successful in business.

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