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IP Surveillance System

IP Surveillance System

CCTV surveillance has been applied in every corner of our lives in modern society. As far as modern industry application is concerned, surveillance systems allow immediate problem solving and even make it possible to foresee a sudden problem from remote place. CCTV surveillance plays an important role.

In the past, surveillance systems were constrained by old technology limitation, encountering great challenges on “remote” and immediate surveillance. To date, by virtue of the prevalence of IP camera, remote surveillance and recording can be achieved by LAN or WAN. Furthermore, Industrial Ethernet Network plays a crucial role in surveillance systems.

Industrial Ethernet Network is different from general Ethernet network. Industrial Ethernet network provides a more stable and secure system, while equipped with a fast and effective network redundancy mechanism. On the other hand, what IP surveillance system needs, such as long distance transmission, wide range of construction, broadband, and immediate backup system if connectivity problems occur, can be achieved by Ethernet technology, optical network technology, and I.A. Ring/Chain that are supported by Moxa Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch receives QoS and Access Control List, which enable to elevate the security and the reliability levels of the internet systems of factories or under various industrial environments.

Industrial PoE Ethernet Switch is the most popular internet product among surveillance systems. Equipped with power supply, it allows many electric appliances, such as cameras, internet phones, or sensors, to retrieve required power directly from the remote power supply switch. Users can therefore reduce the circuit construction cost. ISON Industrial PoE Ethernet Switch supports both standard 15.4 watts IEEE 802.3af and 30 watts IEEE 802.3 at full load POE output. ISON's I.A. Ring / I.A. Chain NLB (Network Load Balancing) ultra high speed network redundancy protocol allow users to distribute their required bandwidth with an easy setup.


802.3af (802.3at Type 1)"PoE"

802.3at Type 2 "PoE+"

Power available at PD

12.95 W

25.50 W

Maximum power delivered by PSE

15.40 W

30.0 W

Voltage range (at PSE)

44.0–57.0 V

50.0–57.0 V

Voltage range (at PD)

37.0–57.0 V

42.5–57.0 V

Maximum current

350 mA

600 mA per mode

Supported modes

Mode A (endspan), Mode B (midspan)

Mode A, Mode B

Smart City Surveillance, Smart Traffic Control, SCADA Monitoring, Machine vision, Station Network, and On Board equipped by trains are all common industrial surveillance applications.

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