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IoT & IIoT

IoT & IIoT

IoT(Internet of Things)

On the whole, Internet of Things refers to "automation" and "networking", along with "Big Data" and "database computation". Fragmented information is not important for people. However, under long-term record, such data is the key to success of Internet of Things. The factor for human being's evolution lies in their seeking for the solution to issues of "pains" and "inconvenience". Through data collection and analysis, and with introduction of the Internet and automation tools, what people worry turns out to be simple.

IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things)

Industrial Internet of Things is included in Industrial 4.0. In commercial range, it is an extremely new term, although it is what people do every day in industrial application. IIOT hopes to connect many equipments through Internet, leaving a few users to control and save expense of human labor at ease. The purpose of IIOT is not to share abundantly; rather, it expects to work independently and be isolated from the external network, so operation can go smoothly, and production or operation can be ensured to go on without disturbance.

In IIOT, communication plays a considerably important role in communicationbetween and control for machines. The commonly seen technologies are radio microwaves, infrared rays, serial communication, 2G/3G network, the industrial Ether Network, and so on.

Industrial communication relies on the speed and accuracy of information transmission. Such information is transmitted, coordinated, and operated among the machines. Therefore, when the time difference changes from us to ms, and the accuracy from 12bit to 16bit, the output rate of the products marks a big difference. In the meantime, the stability required by industrial communication and the accuracy of data differs from what is demanded in general business application. Once the system is installed, it will serve for decades; and, although thetechnology is not the latest, the maturity and stability must reach the highest standard. In the past, it took a whole day to make a car in the car factory. Up to now, with the raising accuracy and help of the robot, it is common that the number of cars produced on the conveyor under the mutual communication and coordination can reach dozens or hundreds per day.

From design, R&D, to production and service/maintenance, with collaboration with the Internet and Big Database, everything can be finely tuned, evolve, and even speed up the product's developing schedule, and innovate and break through the limitation constantly. In respect with Internet of Things, ISON has devoted itself to transform from application dimension to the product dimension, or even the technology dimension for us to break through. It is expected that in the next 100 years, we can keep up with the huge trend of the industry's progress. In addition, by providing the corresponding products to speed up such development and progress and mutual cooperation, every oneof us can accomplish the mission step by stepfor this ultimate goal.

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