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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, it is possible, but be sure to test the SFP in order to prevent any interoperability issues.
Yes, ISON managed switches support all 100/Giga SFP Modules. For ISON unmanaged switches the 100Mb SFP only supports 100Mb the Giga SFP only supports Gigabit Switches.
Yes, it's our pleasure to support you, Dr. K is to answer your questions. Please provide us the following:
  1. Device info/speed, Quantity.
  2. Site Map
  3. Application
  4. Distance, CCR, Edge Site, Wire or Wireless.
IS-DG506~514, IS-RG508~514, IS-DG508P~512P, IS-RG216/224 series.
Yes, through the DIP switch, you can enable or disable the LFP function on the media converter, IS-DF102/DF103/DG102 series.

Please find suggest distance as follows…

*LR Stands for Long Range
*I Stands for integrated antenna
*E Stands for Bandwith Enhance-able
*C Stands for Connectorized antenna

Reference Transmission Distance

IS-LR510 Series Max. Range
LR-510C /
LR-510I (17dBi) 11 km / 6.6 miles
LR-510I (23dBi) 44 km / 26.4 miles
IS-LR550 Series Max. Range
LR-550C /
LR-550I (17dBi) 3.8 km / 2.3 miles
LR-550I (23dBi) 15.5 km / 9.3 miles
IS-LRH550 Series Max. Range
LRH-550E 15(dBi) 2.6 km / 1.6 miles
LRH-550I (23dBi) 15.5 km / 9.3 miles
  1. Disable STP/RSTP/MSTP, for all ports
  2. Disable "Loop protection" function, it will influence the Ring operation.
  3. We have BLP(Bad link protection), so link down, it swap very fast....but if connect cable back...need to wait 10second..it's designed by RD.
  4. Save running configure to start up configure
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