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Thailand Solar Power Plant

Thailand Solar Power Plant

2020-10-11 Reference

A solar power plant of total capacity 90 million watts has been built at a northern Thai area that covers a wide area. In addition to intensive sunshine, the area is often hit by afternoon thunderstorms. Under such special weather conditions, high-end hardware equipment must be used in the entire solar power plant to reduce failure rates and maintenance costs. Among them, the plant’s network devices of power inverter system and monitoring system are equipped with ISON’s Industrial Ethernet switches to ensure that the plant engineers are able to grasp the real-time operation status of the entire power plant under any circumstances.

The ISON’s Industrial Ethernet switches used in this solar power plant include unmanaged Ethernet switch DF308P series and unmanaged Ethernet switch DF305 series to serve as the front-end terminal equipment connection such as video cameras and network communication equipment of power converter. Meanwhile, DF308P powered Ethernet switch can directly provide 30W full power to the video cameras and simultaneously perform image data transmission through the standard RJ45 PoE port of IEEE 902.3af/at.


All product line of ISON’s Industrial Ethernet switches are in fanless design, and all series have passed the wide temperature endurance test of -40 ~70°C. Models can even operate normally under harsh environment to simultaneously provide two power supplies for redundancy management, and offer much higher quality hardware specifications than those used in the industry. They are suitable for use as the network backbone in relevant vertical industries such as transportation, factories, green energy, etc.

Shown at below is an architectural diagram of a solar power plant’s network system equipped with ISON’s I.A. Ring network redundant technology. It ensures that the entire network system can restore operation within 20ms should there be any problem in any one of the switches.

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