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Network Stability of Bitcoin Mining Systems

Network Stability of Bitcoin Mining Systems

2019-10-11 Reference

The rise of Bitcoin mining has resulted in the overheating of computers and ethernet switches during large-scale computing processes; the wide-temperature specification advantages of ISON Industrial Ethernet Switches can ensure the stability of network systems and reduce RMA rates while the hardware’s fan-less design can decrease repair costs by prevent damage to equipment due to dust or debris. 

Bitcoin mining operations are formed by connecting multiple computers via network to perform simultaneous computing processes; therefore, server rooms are like factories and subject to high temperatures. The rooms contain a magnitude of cables and on-site equipment malfunctions can happen in a moment of carelessness, so a high premium is placed in equipment quality and level. Specifically designed to operate in harsh environments, ISON Industrial Ethernet Switches have already been adopted by many mining operations for use in their internal networks. The image below is a standard ISON network structure in cryptocurrency mining operations. 

This structure utilizes the ISON Network Management IS-RG528-4F-2A Layer 2 Ethernet Switch and unmanaged IS-RG216-A Ethernet Switch. Of the two, the RG-216-A is an industrial grade rackmount unmanaged ethernet switch supporting multiple ports that is rarely seen in the market. Aside from the wide-temperature, fan-less hardware design, it also supports loop protection. For product specifications and details, please refer to the following links.

IS0RG528-4F-2A: http://www.ison-tech.com/Products/Detail?lang=1&id=2

IS-RG216-A: http://www.ison-tech.com/Products/Detail?lang=1&id=98

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