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Airport New Terminal CCTV System Project

Airport New Terminal CCTV System Project

2019-10-11 Reference

Asia International Airport New Terminal CCTV System Project

To cope with fast-moving activities happening in international airports every day, it is necessary to use 24-hour uninterrupted real-time video surveillance to allow the aviation polices and security personnel to master various events within the airport at any time through the monitoring system to ensure the safety of airport facilities, passengers and staff. Following the frequent terrorist attack incidents that occur around the world today, real-time CCTV system is already a technological application adopted by most transportation hubs including the stations. Therein, high-speed Ethernet bandwidth and stable network system needed by real-time video transmission is the most important part of real-time CCTV system.

Not only do the industrial-grade Ethernet switches designed and made by ISON adopt the latest integrated chip to meet the high-speed network transmission needs of real-time CCTV system, but also provide eight priority levels of QoS settings to achieve clear images transmission. The industrial-grade hardware design can even enhance the stability of network system, and reduce the malfunction rate and maintenance costs. In addition, the flexibility and agility of the system can also significantly improve long-distance transmission and high anti-interference through the use of optical fiber.


A new international airport located in Northeast Asia which has been evaluated to provide the world’s best service quality for many years adopts the industrial-grade Ethernet switches IS-RG528-4F-2A and IS-DG308/IS-DG308-2F, and IS-DG308-2F produced by ISON to work as the network hardware of CCTV system. Among them, IS-RG528-4F-2A Layer 2 managerial Ethernet switch is used as the upper-level network backbone to install at the monitoring center. On the other hand, IS-DG308/IS-DG308-2F is used as the lower-level applications of network equipment to link directly with video cameras, and relevant information screen displays and HVAC air conditioning system, allowing the images to be transmitted back to the upper level’s IS-RG528-4F-2A. The network architecture is shown as below:

Besides possessing industrial-grade hardware specifications such as a wide temperature range of -40~75°C, IS-RG528-4F-2A which works as upper-level network management has a 2KV anti-surge protected RJ45 port, single-chip high-performance data transmission ability, 8 QoS priority levels, ACL safety settings, etc. It also supports ISON I.A. Ring/Chain redundancy protocol to allow system upgrading, or greatly improving the maintenance convenience and reliability.

In addition to support full Gigabit port, the lower-level network access switch IS-DG308/308-2F can even support jumbo frame just like IS-RG528 series to greatly enhance network transmission efficiency. Furthermore, IS-DG308 series also supports a wide voltage range of 12~58VDC input and relay output, and a compact plug & play body design to allow greater barrier-free installation and uses.

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