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IS-DF406 Series (0/2FX+6/4TX)

IS-DF406 Series (0/2FX+6/4TX)

6-port Din-Rail Fast Ethernet Managed Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switch

The IS-DF406 Series are web-smart managed 6-port Fast Ethernet Switches that provide both copper and fiber connectivity according to field needs. These models reduce the response time for timing sensitive applications which may combine all video, voice, and data streams in the traffic flow. The Switches are especially good for those common application that doesn’t required complicated software features. The IS-DF406 Series are suitable for all kinds of Industrial applications.


Product Features

  • 6/4 10/100Mb Copper ports plus 0/2 100Mb Based SFP ports
  • Layer 2 Line-Speed Switching Fabric, non-blocking
  • Network redundancy LACP, Spanning Tree Protocol, STP, RSTP
  • Port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q Tag-based VLAN
  • Redundant Power Input (12~58 VDC) & Reverse power protection
  • SNMP v1/v2c, Trap
  • Din-Rail Mount, Wall Mount Installation
  • -40~75ºC operating temperature
  • IP 30 Protection
  • 2KV surge immunity on RJ45 Copper port
  • 1.5KV Hi-pot
  • Rugged Fan-less Design
  • Fault Alarm Notification (Power, Ports)

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Alexander PoppinsEmily Hills
April 01, 2018

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